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Police & Fire Pension in the News

Will Dallas’ police pension problems crowd out spending on streets, parks and libraries?
Booming Dallas has something to worry about: a pension contagion.
The local economy has stormed back from the recession, and Dallas has grown its tax base for five consecutive years. In fiscal 2017, it grew an impressive 10 percent, outpacing the rate of many neighboring cities.
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Dallas police and fire pension wins $2 million settlement from investment firm
The Dallas police and fire pension fund has won a settlement worth at least $2 million from an advisory firm that officials blame for some of the fund’s disastrous real-estate investments.
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Dallas police retirees form new association to speak out on pension issues
As the police and fire pension system hurtles toward insolvency, a group of retired Dallas police officers on Thursday formed a new association.
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Dallas and Houston both have pension problems, but Houston is actually solving theirs
Dallas’ pension misery has company in Houston. Like Dallas, Houston is staring down billions of dollars in future pension payments that it can’t afford — and it needs the state Legislature’s help to fix it.
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Dallas Police, Fire Pension to Grant Small Withdrawals
The Dallas Police and Fire Pension Board has reversed itself and will allow some small withdrawals from deferred retirement funds.
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police and firefighter pension board meets again
The Dallas Police and Fire Pension Board will allow some withdrawals beginning in March.
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Pension Board Approves New DROP Payment Plan
In a narrow 6-5 vote, the Dallas Police and Fire Pension Board agreed to allow retirees to withdraw millions of dollars from their troubled retirement account.
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Setting the record straight on the Dallas Employees' Retirement Fund
The ERF serves as the pension fund for the city's nonuniformed employees and should not be confused with the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System.
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